MW Story

"As a young girl, I was always curious. I ask what
many people consider ‘random’ questions. This is
why I describe myself as a thinker.

I extend my heart to justice. Putting an end to
greed and domination plays out in many ways for
me. This is why I describe myself as an activist.

I can be found in churches, recreation centers,
schools, art galleries, shelters and anywhere youth
grow and thrive. This is why I describe myself as a community educator.

I am a former urban youth. I am committed to
learning from and building with them."
MW Bio

Maranda C. Ward is a pre-doctoral candidate
in the School of Education at George
Washington University.
Her research is translated
into practice as the Co-Founder and Executive
Director of Promising Futures.

Working as a community educator with program development, evaluation, grant writing and
management experience, her presentations have spanned from urban youth cultures to the conditions
that produce violence and sexual risks. She works
as adjunct faculty at GW and the Washington
Middle School for Girls.

She earned her MPH in Maternal and Child Health
from Tulane University and her BA in Sociology/Anthropology from Spelman College.
MW Commitments

I value RIGHTS. Everyone should naturally
have access to quality education, healthcare,
housing, family and the capacity to think freely
for how they want to exist in the world.

I value YOUTH. As the saying goes, I “think
global yet act local” to support positive youth development.

I value COMMUNITY. Addressing poverty, bullying,
gun control and HIV (etc) are social issues- not
personal ones. Programs that only focus on
individual decisions miss the mark. Let’s work on
them in public, with community and for social gains.