Kuumba Package
In this creatively crafted package, I will offer suggested edits and feedback to electronic curriculum/tools, collateral and program ideas. All of the exchanges are online via email and skype after an initial concept meeting. See services below for list of available deliverables. An hourly rate will be assessed after a contract is signed.
(Note: Kuumba is the Swahili term for creativity)
Imani Package
In this faith oriented package, online edits and feedback supplement an initial site visit and up to two face-to-face meetings. Observations of existing programs will take place to recommend and even tailor programming to meet the internal capacity needs and interests of the youth. See services below for list of available deliverables. An
hourly rate will be assessed after a contract is signed.
(Note: Imani is the Swahili term for faith)
Nia Package
In this purpose-driven package, electronic edits and tailored programming will be enhanced with the development of a program logic model and internal needs assessment. A meeting with existing youth (or development of a functioning youth council) will serve as the sounding board for all ideas and deliverables. See services below for list of available deliverables. A flat rate will be assessed after a contract is signed.
(Note: Nia is the Swahili term for purpose)
Helping Our Youth Grow

When was the last time you consulted

youth for a lesson plan, program idea,
grant proposal, media story/campaign or
for advice and insight?

If youth are consulted at all, they are
usually an afterthought or considered a novel approach to youth development.
Can we agree that youth are the experts on their lives?
No one can be them better than them. They can tell their stories the best—including what makes them laugh, how to pique their interest or when
to leave well enough alone.
Suggested readings on reflective and culturally
responsive leadership, mentorship, and education.
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  • Michie, G. (2009).
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Consulting Services

Positive Youth Development

You can send me existing lesson plans and/or curriculum ideas or invite me to train your team or build with youth groups. I will focus on centering the needs and experiences of youth in your program, initiative or efforts. Topics range from leadership, financial literacy, sexual health, and college readiness to healthy relationships and self-esteem.

Peer Education Models

My flagship program can provide your youth group with a performance based workshop,
a single performance at a conference/community event or a training. I also offer insight into growing peer education models via sustainable leadership development tools.

General Youth Programming

I can develop and implement a series of youth development workshops for your school or youth group. In the past, I have developed a health promoters club at a middle school, supplementary programming for a Summer Youth Employment Program site, and served as a camp workshop leader.

Aesthetic Research Methods

Are you interested in provocatively telling your story? How can you describe the meaning of your youth work that evokes the core values of your mission? If you want to supplement your surveys and feedback forms, I can help with creative ideas that uncover meanings that only art-based methods can inform.

Grant Writing (for youth programs)

After you perform a SWOT analysis and develop a LOGIC model, I can assist you with telling your story. I also assist with the development of these formative thinking tools.

Guest Speaker/Writer

Do you have a youth group, radio show, conference/summit, website/blog, support group, reading circle or other gathering place that would benefit from a guest speaker or featured writer? Look no further.

Hip Hop Pedagogy

Hip hop will make any concept come alive. The art of storytelling, sampling and performing is what makes hip hop art forms appealing to many youth. I can offer ideas for how to integrate hip hop into your program, curriculum and educational efforts.

Project and Program Evaluation

I have experience with facilitating focus groups, administering surveys and interviews and helping with the analysis/reporting of data.